Tutoring in Melton

Brainy Bears provides pre-school and early primary tutoring classes to children in Melton and surrounding suburbs.

In our friendly and supportive learning environment, we focus on developing essential skills for early reading, writing, and spelling success. 


Our classes



Age 3-4

Developing early pre-reading and writing skills through stories, songs, and games. 



Age 4-5

Begin learning letters and sounds through our multi-sensory and engaging lessons.

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Age 5-10

Supporting and advancing children through their beginning years of school

Helping little learners to read, write and spell!

Hi, I'm Jessica founder of Brainy Bears!


I am a qualified and experienced Primary school teacher with a love for literacy and learning.

At Brainy Bears we believe that all children can learn to read, write and spell. With the right tools, explicit teaching, practise and support we can help your child find their confidence and passion for reading.  

Jessica Mounsey



"Whenever we just talk casually she will automatically tell me what sounds words start with now and she will go around blending words. It makes her super happy and proud."


"We think Brainy Bears is amazing! My daughter had so much fun learning with Jess and learning all the different sounds. She has just started prep and her teacher has commented on her confidence in reading and writing."

- Liz

"After the first 3 weeks with Jessica, we already noticed a massive change in our son's attitude towards reading. His confidence exploded and he was applying all the strategies he learned. He still has a long way to go but I know that with the support of Jessica at Brainy Bears our son will grow into a confident and successful reader!"

- Amanda

"I highly recommend Jessica Mousey to teach your children. My daughter had Jess as a teacher for two years. Jess is extremely approachable, highly intelligent, and very friendly. Your children will engage with her easily."

- Kate

Our learning studio

Our home-based learning studio is located in Cobblebank, Melton. Our colourful and inviting space is full of fun games and activities the ignite learning and confidence in our little learners. Children love visiting our home-based studio for their weekly classes.