Brainy Bears is a Melton-based early learning and tutoring program with weekly classes to support the development of children aged 3-8.


Jessica is a qualified teacher with a wealth of experience teaching across all primary levels. She is passionate about literacy and ensuring that all children have the opportunity to read with confidence and success!


In her years as a primary school teacher,  Jessica saw time and time again, the frustration of both parents and teachers as children continued to struggle with reading and writing.

  • Why are our children falling behind?

  • What gaps do they have in their knowledge?

  • How can we help them get back on track?

Jessica heard these questions over and over again from concerned parents and teachers.  The truth is most of these children were missing the fundamental skills necessary for early reading and writing. In an effort to help her own students and colleagues, she delved deeper into the world of phonological and phonemic awareness and realised that this was the missing link!


Many children were beginning Prep without these skills and from the start, they were trying to catch up. 

It’s this drive to ensure no student is left behind that saw Brainy Bears born.


Our approach

Brainy Bears is an early literacy and tutoring program aimed at helping children aged 3-10 gain valuable skills in speaking & listening, reading, writing, and spelling. We provide a safe and nurturing small group environment that allows children to gain the confidence, independence, and resilience they need to flourish.

All of our sessions are designed to be hands-on, interactive, and fun. In our classes, we explore, create, collaborate, imagine, think, dance, sing, play, and most importantly learn!
Help your child celebrate the magic of learning to read and write. 

Core elements

Small groups

Keeping our group sizes small allows us to provide targeted support to each and every one of our little learners.

Partnering with families

We dedicate 5-10 minutes at the end of every session to our parents. We talk about the content of our lesson, activities you can do at home, and hints/tips to motivate your little learner at home. 

Research-based strategies

We use research-based practices to explicitly and systematically teach the foundational literacy skills every child needs to become a successful reader. The main component of our Kinder and Primary program is a fun and multi-sensory literacy program called Little Learners Love Literacy. This program is based on the science of how our brains learn to read and write.